Marketing Courses for Business Owners
Get the skills you need to manage your marketing like a boss
All of our courses are designed with business owners in mind. Get the skills you need on demand and learn at your pace. Each lesson is short and sweet because we know you are busy and need to just get things done. 
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Featured Courses
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Client Resources Portal
Access all of the resources that are included with your Marketing Boss consulting services. Get downloadable worksheets, tutorials and more.
Video Marketing Course
Learn to make videos that matter to your target audience in this course designed to teach you skills to improve your on-camera presence.
Marketing Boss Signature Course
Get the skills you need to connect with potential new customers for your law firm and other services based business in this course. 
Social Media Marketing Course
Get familiar with what is working best on popular social media platforms and how to leverage them with content planning and creation strategies that make it easy. 
Sales Course for Law Firms
Increase the number of cases you qualify and sign up at your law firm. Every module is short and has worksheets that will sharpen your ability to connect with potential new customers.
Personal Branding Course
Learn to manage your personal brand like a boss with proven best practices. You will learn to apply visual and written techniques online and in person.
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Free Tutorials
Watch and learn with our free tutorials. You don't need a login or password to watch these helpful training videos. Simply hit play and enjoy!
A Word From Our Students:
Excited to endorse Marketing Boss University courses!
Noemi Puntier
Founder of Puntier Law Firm
The courses are clearly created by a knowledgeable, experienced team that can explain technical issues to the non-technical business owner.
Kristen Fuller
Author & Content Creator
Excellent experience! I Highly recommend the sales course. 
Talal Ghosheh
Founder of the Ghosheh Law Firm

From one Boss to Another
We know what it's like to worry about wether or not you are making the best possible decisions you can make to grow your business. Every course we offer was designed to help you get the skills you need to feel confident when you decide to invest in marketing, knowing enough about how it works to make the best possible choices. Every module in every course is also short and easy to work through because we know how busy you are. Take 5-15 minutes to complete lessons as you sip your morning coffee and you will be a Marketing Boss before you know it!
Margarita Eberline
Marketing Boss Founder and CEO

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If you have not purchased a service or subscription to access a course in our university, we want to encourage you to contact us for more information. We can recommend training for you and your team and offer you discounted pricing on multiple courses. 
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